Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery


What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery provides the elimination of congenital or acquired aesthetic problems. The application of plastic surgery in the medical field has become possible. It becomes possible to eliminate the dysfunctions and deformities of every part of the body with the field of plastic surgery.

It is possible to eliminate the defects in the person's body through surgical procedures and to completely eliminate this situation with different anesthesia methods.

Aesthetic (or cosmetic) surgery deals with operations and interventions to make the body image more beautiful and perfect. The focus here is on aesthetic problems rather than a medical problem.

Aesthetic surgery training is also provided during plastic surgery specialty training. Aesthetic surgery is not always aesthetic, sometimes medical problems are also solved. For example, surgical correction of an overweight torso or giant enlarged breasts solves both medical and aesthetic problems. In addition to aesthetic correction of an organ, its function is also extremely important. For example: in nose job (Rhinoplasty), shape and breathing problems should be corrected together.


Types of Plastic Surgery


Rhinoplasty - Nose Job

With this operation, the nose can be smallened or enlarged. The nasal hump can be eliminated, the tip of the nose can be lifted or thinned, the base of the nose can be narrowed, and the nostrils can be reduced. Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is one of the most common plastic surgeries performed today. With rhinoplasty, the artistic proportions of the face are corrected and the self-confidence of the person is increased. In addition to congenital deformities, bad appearances caused by traumas such as fractures can also be corrected. Rhinoplasty can be performed not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health reasons. Rhinoplasty can also be performed together with surgeries that correct problems that make breathing difficult, such as curvatures in the middle part of the nose, which we call septum deviation, and thickening of the mucosa, which we call turbinate hypertrophy. 


Breast Aesthetics Operations

With breast operations performed in aesthetic surgery, the breast can be enlarged, reduced, lifted, corrected if there is asymmetry between the two breasts or nipple aesthetics can be performed. Breast aesthetics is an operation in which problems such as the breast structure not being prominent according to the age, height and weight of the person, being larger than it should be, sagging, deformed due to genetic or traumatic reasons are eliminated.



It is the process of removing unwanted fat accumulations in the body. It is not a slimming method but a body shaping operation. If the structure of the skin on it is suitable, it can be applied to almost any area.


Tummy Tuck

It is the correction of loosening and sagging in the abdominal area, especially after childbirth or excessive weight loss. If there is excess fat, it can be performed together with liposuction. The abdominal area gains a firmer, taut and flat appearance.


Face Lifting

In face lift operations, excess skin is removed through an incision extending from the front of the ear into the hair, and the sagging and wrinkled face and upper part of the neck are lifted. When necessary, it is performed together with surgeries such as forehead lift, eyelid surgeries, eyebrow lift, fat injection to the face and lips to make facial rejuvenation more perfect. It can be performed as a full facelift, mid-facelift and mini facelift.



Genital aesthetic surgery is one of the important factors in ensuring a happy sexual life. It is possible to reduce sagging labia minora, to support the loosening and sagging labia majora by filling them with fat injection and to narrow the vagina.



Gynecomastia is a tissue that forms inside the male breast and cannot be dissolved. With gynecomastia surgery, which takes about 45 minutes, the tissue in the breast is permanently removed.



These are surgical procedures performed to increase the length of the penis or to increase the thickness of the penis or to eliminate penile curvature.



It is a cheek thinning and shaping surgery. With this procedure, the cheekbones become more prominent and the cheek becomes thinner.



The arms may tend to thicken or sag after a certain age. This can be aesthetically and psychologically irritating for people. In order to prevent this and to have a beautiful appearance, 'Brachioplasty' is one of the most preferred methods. Brachioplasty is a preferred aesthetic treatment method not only for sagging due to aging, but also for rapid weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy or to get rid of the unwanted appearance due to thickening of the arms after excessive weight gain.



Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a set of surgical applications applied to the upper and lower eyelids by a plastic surgeon to remove sagging skin and excess muscle tissue and to tighten the tissues around the eyes.


Lip Filler

Lip filling is the process of injecting fillers into the lips, which have the effect of plumping and increasing volume. Lip filling is a cosmetic procedure that can give plump and deep lips. There are many types of dermal fillers that can be injected into your lips and around your mouth. Today, the most commonly used injectable dermal fillers for lip filler are products containing hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the body. It helps to increase the volume of your lips.


Hip Augmentation 

BBL is basically butt-hip augmentation aesthetics. The aim of this aesthetics is to shape the butt, make it look plump and have plump hips. In this butt shaping, we also get rid of excess fat and unwanted weight by removing excess fat in the body with liposuction methods (abdomen, back and waist). In this way, it is possible to achieve a thin waist, a lean belly and a voluminous butt and hips. If body fat is insufficient in BBL aesthetics, bbl aesthetics can be performed by placing prostheses on the buttocks.



It is an ear aesthetic surgery. It provides correction of disorders such as prominent ear.



Renewal of the hymen with a permanent surgical operation.


Orthognathic Surgery

It is a surgery to correct facial bone deformities by reshaping the facial bones by breaking them in a controlled manner and moving the jaw and/or mid-face bones forward/backward.


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